Denný lineup

CompanyRadio Daily LineUp

7AM – 8AM       WakeUp with R&B!
8AM – 1PM       InDaOfis – Survive with Nice Pop Songs!
1PM – 2PM       R&B Daily Break
2PM – 3PM       Czech & Slovak Beats
3PM – 4PM       Pop Helps Finish Your Work
4PM – 5PM       InDaCar – Survive with R&B!
5PM – 6PM       RockIt!
6PM – 8PM       Easy with Pop
8PM – 10PM    Candlelight R&B
10PM – 11PM  Be Alternative!
11PM – 12AM  Do Not Sleep, Just Listen our Pop!
12AM – 3AM     Well – Good Night with Easy Listening and Chillouts
3AM – 4AM        R&B for Birdies
4AM – 7AM        Easier Morning with Fresh Pop

Weekend specials (Fri/Sat)
9PM-11PM       Dance, Dance, Dance! Or Rap a bit!